Listener Questions

(Yes!  This would also be in a similar vein of my personal one)


While the FAQ serves as a good snapshot of me (to decide if I’m your kind of person or not)…

I felt I needed a separate one for album related questions.






Q#1: Do you use some kind of sequencing software for the looping? What do you prefer?

A#1: As for looping….are you looking at specific tracks? That seemed ‘looped’? They probably are. Though what I do with things like that is I handle it during the mixing phase (I record, edit and mix mostly within hours of each other. There are tracks that I’ve completed within 3 hours of having an idea)

When I include a track on my YouTube channel — I usually put in recording details. I might put that in the album notes as well!

Q#2: Do you get a lot of ideas while you’re out on the road?

A#2: Yes…a lot of ideas for tracks have come to me while I was on the road. This is why I pick my ‘travelling music’ well….particularly when I’m driving! Got to focus on the road and other cars first…then write down the ideas that have accumulated next time I am able to pull over safely (or preferably at my next stop). 

I’m not a big fan of hours and hours of travel (no matter if it be by road or air)…so I aim to avoid doing that.



Q#3: Are there other instruments you would like to learn in the future?

A#3: If the future had unlimited time…then I would like….I don’t know…maybe I shouldn’t think about it because I’ll be distracted with the opportunities! I quite like having limited options…it allows me to think out of the box more often!


Q#4: Oh God! why is your music so relaxing?

A#4: My initial answer: ‘One of life’s mysteries!’ — Then as I think about it more, my theory is that there may be a part of me (when I was forming each track either while recording or before I start testing ideas) that is looking to be present. I do listen to the tracks too — and I think it’s going to be a similar parallel to ‘not being able to tickle yourself’.

So if I needed to calm myself I’d do something else….maybe like record more tracks. Haha!

Q#5: What has your music been compared to?

A#5: Everytime I get a comparison, it feels similar to when I get a comment that I look or sound like my mother. I know having comparisons to composers who’s work I enjoy should be always taken as a compliment. The struggle is some part of me is going to nudge me in the next few days saying: ‘Hey…they think you’re a clone. You might want to fix that up’.

The best ones I look forward to is when a comparison is not a comparison.

“While it’s a totally different style, your work felt similar to Bruce Langhorne, an artist I just recently discovered. Maybe you’ll like him!” – Anonymous Redditor


That said…if you would like to share any comparison…I am open to hear it. Just link me to your album review or if you left your comment on individual tracks

(YouTube and Amazon allows you to do just that)



Q#6: What has been something unexpected you’ve heard from listeners?

A#6: That my music has helped people get things done. Focus.

Q#7: What/who are your biggest influences?

A#7: This is a question I find challenging to answer whenever I’m asked. If there is ever a version of that question I would prefer, it’s when the ‘ask-er’ couples it with the sort of influence they hear.

What comes out when I make music (whether live or recorded…) is a product of my mindset. At the moment, I’m living the minimalist one (or at least aiming to)…so my music reflects that. Which is probably the reason I don’t like to talk about influences…because it gives the listener a pre-conceived notion of the work.

Q#8: What would the perfect album sound like?

A#8: I think whenever I try to ‘predict’ things like that (or at least try to visualise some sort of notion), I eventually get stuck. What works for me is taking a jumping off point then just spending time with it, eventually I’ll get to a place that I’d be okay with that as a track.

A story that I usually think of when asked if I visualise my music (think of what I’d like it to sound, then put together elements to achieve that sound) is an arranger sharing with me how he sat and managed to compose a song that he was pretty happy with. He later learned that it was one of the songs that he regularly listens to.

Taking out my biases (as much of it as possible!) gives me the best likelihood to come up with a piece that doesn’t end up getting flagged in the copyright realm. I’m not wanting to experience a similar thing like what Sam Smith endured (though with lawsuits…well…anything can happen right?).


Q#9: Which platform do you recommend I buy your album?

A#9: I’m going to be biased and say CD Baby because I get stats quicker when albums (or individual tracks!) are purchased there. If you wanted to give it a listen first and are okay with clips, CD Baby is still an okay platform. Though if you’re more of a streamer, Spotify or Deezer is what I’d recommend.


I haven’t mentioned YouTube because I recently noticed that in ‘Around The Corner’ — you can barely hear the melody (electric guitar). No idea why in other platforms, it’s okay.


Also, I’ve noticed that ‘A Better Tomorrow‘ has been truncated somehow (only 1:12 — compared to the proper 5:00 runtime).


Q#10: While in the process of doing marketing for your music, what’s a notable reaction?

A#10: Well….one listener on Tumblr mentioned that she already had one of my tracks in one of her playlists! I haven’t had a chance to find out how she discovered the track…but I am keen to find out. Even if I don’t, it’s a good sign that my music is getting into the right hands (listeners who enjoy it enough that at least one track would end up in their playlist).


Q#11: Can I use your music in my film?

A#11: You should just be aware that I’d only recommend it if you don’t plan to turn on YouTube’s monetisation (if you do, the royalties that have been currently set-up on YouTube’s system would take precedence over it).

As for other platforms, just reach out to me and I can make sure entities that would likely make a copyright claim (my label, distributors, performing rights organisations…) are aware of your use so an agreement can be sorted out to give you minimal headaches. 

(I’m currently working on my IMDB profile so you can easily credit me once you’re film is available for streaming, released on DVD/Blu-Ray, or is submitted to a film festival).



Q#12: I don’t get it: there’s a YouTube Channel that is named ‘Leigh Lim – Topic‘ and another is ‘Leigh Lim‘. Are they both yours?

A#12: I think the simplest answer is no. ‘Leigh Lim – Topic‘ is generated by YouTube and it picks up some (but not all…particularly the unofficial ones) of my creations.

On the other hand ‘Leigh Lim‘ is the channel I manage. This is why you can see a mix of videos (currently there’s a couple of preset tests) and not just purely official releases.

If you’re looking to make a comment and want to make sure I see it…I see some quickly and some not so quickly (since I have not posted all album tracks on my channel — you may have to go to ‘Topic‘)




AWESOME! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Please take me to the album listening links!!!!

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