I’m currently opening slots to do some research to further help clients that are based out in Toronto and Cambridge.



Each slot would cost $9,700 and would include:

  • Website Construction
  • Copywriting
  • Mailing List Set-up
  • Blog Set-up
  • Hosting for 2 years
  • Email Forwarding
  • Some Random Virtual Hand-Holding and Encouragement. 🙂

* For more details scroll through until the end.


Why am I not charging triple the fee? Well…discount because of research purposes (for now).


Do you have to be providing the same services to apply? Not at all. You just have to register your domain name (1&1, GoDaddy, Crazy Domains…), then send me an email to apply with the subject line: ‘9700 Application’


For the general client page. Head HERE!



The 9700 Experiment in detail:

  • Website Construction – While constructing the simplest site possible, I guide you through photos and videos you can use for the site.
  • Copywriting – less is more right? The idea is to make it easy for every visitor to your site learn more about you by either writing you directly or going through a funnel (if you aren’t available to read and reply to new messages).
  • Mailing List Set-up – it’s never too early to start one!
  • Blog Set-up – instead of having your entries show up on your domain name, you can keep going with what you are using and the URL can just point to your archive or…you can blog straight to your mailing list!
  • Hosting for 2 years – Once you’ve registered your Domain Name, you just need to change the settings and wouldn’t need to transfer the control to me (no need to hand over passwords or anything!). You just have to remember to have your Domain name registered for at least 2 years!
  • Email Forwarding – you can keep using your email address now, and new emails would just be forwarded from your new address:
  • Some Random Virtual Hand-Holding and Encouragement. 🙂 The first one can start now! :)))))


To register your interest and be notified so we can start a conversation and see if there is a fit, reach out to me here.


If you just are keen on picking my brain…probably best for you to Head HERE!

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