Its amazing what music can do. It could make you grumpy, angry…creative…sleepy…or give you a headache.


The challenge with music tracks, is things get a bit dicey when you start using them in public (like during your next speaking gig!). Would you upset the artist if you hadn’t been able to get through the request in time?


Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about tracking down the artist…because you’ve found her (hello there!).


Now that’s all out of the way…here’s what you have to do: hit play on either these tracks (this or this), and see if you could imagine it as a soundtrack for your work (you can close your eyes! As long as you are not driving! Or operating Machinery!!!). 🙂


Do you like the idea of one of those tracks playing while conference attendees find their seats…minutes before you are introduced…and make your way to the stage?


Other scenarios you could try to see if it would be a fit:

  • Interview music (the one that is playing in the background at 20% volume, while the chat would be at about 40-60% volume) both live and recorded.
  • Quiet get togethers: music that plays while the guest mingle during a gallery opening, during a dinner party.
  • Writing – Either as background, or something to ponder with. Maybe even help easily birth ideas for future chapters of that book you’ve been meaning to write?
  • Presentation music — this is when you’d like some examples of your work on a slideshow and those tracks can be a backdrop of that, or just have a video that has little to no audio of people talking.


Looking for something that has words? Here’s one.


Oh…in a rush…and would like to bookmark the tracks for later? Here is the list of distributors! (Of course I’m quite partial to Deezer and CD Baby!)

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