Introduction Cheat Sheet

Oh! You prefer to see some possible things you might be a fit?


Are you:

  • A tech founder looking to meet someone like-minded?
  • An investor looking for an interesting conference to attend?
  • A writer looking for a founder to write about?
  • A Northeastern student or Alumni that has a story to share?
  • A painter, musician, illustrator, cartoonist, or sculptor looking for the right long form Q&A?
  • A writer looking for a publication for your album reviews?
  • A filmmaker looking for the right composer?
  • A brand looking for project to partner with to feature at least one of your discount codes (or giveaways)?
  • A podcast host looking for guests?
  • One of those kind souls looking for 10 people to encourage?




Note: Kindly make sure that you touch base with me first! (There may have been changes since the last update)



Last Updated: 27 June 2018

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