Album Reviews

Some guiding questions!


  1. Summary: What do you like most about it? (Was there a specific feeling? Did you listen to it while you were trying to get some work done and it helped you focus? Were you reading a book and it was able to compliment the storyline?)
  2. Is this the kind of music you usually listen to? (What do you usually listen to? Have a glance at your playlist and think back on the tracks that you really enjoyed.)
  3. What are your favourite tracks?
  4. Did you find the Album Notes (available to view even if you haven’t purchased the album via CD Baby) helpful? Are you the type to want to hear what the story is behind how a specific music track came about?


Take me to the album links for various distributors!

– No need. The albums were easy to find on each distributor’s site. I’ve already clicked subscribe to your Spotify artist page and YouTube channel. I’d like to check out your written pieces instead.

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