Album Links

Here are two of the easiest ways to listen to my music:


1.) YouTube (No Login Needed)

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a section with each album available to click as a playlist.


2.) Spotify (Login needed.)



If you’ve been looking to sample either of the membership side options of YouTube Red and Spotify Premium, this could be a good as excuse as any! For Spotify, this enables you to use the app in a number of other devices (like your WD player or your other mobile devices).


Streaming went okay?


Q: Have added a number of your tracks to my playlist! I’d like to make it easy for other listeners to find out if they’ll likely enjoy your music. Do you have guiding questions for me to refer to…so my review could be the best it could be?

A:  You bet! 😀


Q: Reviews? You don’t have to ask me! I’ve created one and copy and pasted it in all the distributor sites. I’ve even commented on the tracks individually on YouTube. Where else can I rave about your music!?

A: You can retweet this and reblog these (‘The Pale Rose‘, ‘A Walking Sketch‘, and ‘Walk In My Shoes‘).



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